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We are an agile team of Liferay enthusiasts and developers, working out of Poland, developing the Web since 2011.


Large portfolio of successful Liferay specific projects gives us the experience your business can use


Skills beyond just web development, we employ project managers, system architects, UX & graphic designers and digital marketing experts to help you with the full scope of your project


Flexible and affordable pricing makes sure you never exceed your budget


EU-based company, great for tax and accounting purposes


From challenges to solutions. Take a look at platforms our team has contributed to:

Polish National Opera

Discover history and archives of the home to polish musical theaters.

International Waterway E70

Check infromational portal tailored with locale-specific requirements as an integral part of ongoing development.

Integrating the Liferay API with 3D Virtual Reality Platform.


Liferay is an industry leading open-source web platform for advanced Internet and intranet solutions.

Tailored for high availability

High performance and stability makes maintenance simple and easy

Cost efficient

One of the lowest total cost of ownership among all enterprise level web platforms

Open source solutions

Open source model and advanced developer friendly architecture based on Java Enterprise Edition, perfect for extending core functionalities and building custom applications

Work together better

Great workflow and collaboration functionality makes it perfect for teams and organizations of all sizes

Strong featureset

Offered out-of-the-box, guarantees you do not need to worry about the essentials, and focus on what is important specifically to your business

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We offer complete Liferay based web solutions, so we can help you at every stage of your project.


Starting a web project from scratch?

We can help you throughout the entire process, from conception and design, through project management and development, all the way to testing and support


Moving your project to Liferay?

Migrate your existing content and apps to Liferay, or upgrade your current Liferay to the latest version. Benefit from all the newest features.


Need tailor-made solutions?

We develop custom Liferay extensions and portlets, integrate Liferay with any other software that you might be using. We will make Liferay feel like it was built especially for you and your business.


Having trouble with your Liferay?

We offer enterprise-level support for all things Liferay. With our flexible pricing you will get the service level suited to your needs and budget


See how we can guide your journey with Liferay.

  • Analyse

    We can help you analyse the scope of your project, plan out the most important milestones & tasks, for you to have a better overview

  • Manage

    We use agile project management techniques, to always deliver on time, and on budget

  • Prototype

    We can provide prototypes and mockups, to have a better understanding of what will be done, before spending money

  • Deliver

    We always deliver high-quality, well tested and documented products, to meet your expectations every time

  • Communicate

    We communicate transparently with our Clients, so you always know the current status and what is to be done

  • Support

    We provide top level support and maintenance for all of our projects, so you don’t have to worry about keeping it running

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